Identities evolve over time, some individuals are unaware of this or may not dare to confront the change. There is often a want or need to trace places of memory, think back to a certain moment in life. Sometimes it can lead to questions regarding the self.

Atypical Love is a myriad of memories from a point in time. They confront a set of beliefs, bringing to light the relationship between love and delusion. By re-creating a cluster of memories, it forces the viewer to confront issues relating to the self such as concealment and secrecy. As Erving Goffman once spoke of Information Control, “The stigma and the effort to conceal it or remedy it become 'fixed' as part of personal identity.” This very misinterpretation of the self often leads to a non-ideal form of love, otherwise known to the artist as Atypical Love.  

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